• Free Delivery
  • Easy Payment
  • Free Delivery
  • Easy Payment


Delivery Type

• Product delivery service hold by international partner. Estimated 5 - 15 business days to arrive.
• Purchase above Rp. 1.050.000 will be charged by customs
• 2 - 5 days using local logistics.

TERMS & Policy

• For some categories, source of products are from external vendors (third party)
• In order to be a vendor, we apply as Shimonshop Partner.
• Every act must be supported with all documents/license required.


• You can return the product with this condition :

 1. Product doesn't Work (Electronic) 
 2. Damaged product (Any Product)
 3. Different specifications comparing to the website 
 4. Gift/Component of product is missing 
 5. Damaged packing 
 6. The number of products received is different than ordered.
 7. The size of product received is different than ordered.
 8. Product has expired.
• Refund can be done in 15 days after the product has delivered to the buyer.